“With an emphasis on risk control and cost containment, the Captive has given us the tools to shape our loss experience. The networking and educational opportunities are extremely helpful, and the loss control inspections enhance the safety of our associates and the millions of guests who walk through the doors of our hotels and movie theaters every year. The tail fund allows us to close our books on a particular policy year after only 5 years. As a publicly traded company with financial reporting requirements, the finality provided by the tail fund is particularly attractive.

Our experience with the Captive, its vendors and the other members, has been first-rate.”

“Our company joined the Churchill captive about five years ago and started seeing many of the great benefits of Churchill and captive insurance programs almost immediately. The collaboration with other owners in the captive, as well as the experts serving Churchill, has been invaluable in achieving excellence in our loss control techniques. Through working as a team to establish high standards of loss control, we have seen positive results not only in the safety of our members, but financially as well. We are pleased is to be part of a strong team with a focus on being great at safety, with an eye to zero injuries.”

“Our participation and ownership in MAC Casualty Ltd. have far exceeded the expectations and desires that we had about group captive insurance. From overall lower costs, predictable premiums and returned dividends, to safety education, best practices, and member to member safety focus, we have discovered an invaluable asset that compliments and enhances our company’s risk management. The organization, its members, and network of excellent service providers is a remarkable and highly successful business that we are extremely proud to be a part of.”

“Unaware of the benefits allowable under this easy to implement process, we have been able to set up coverages for exposures we in the past did not insure and have created an estate planning opportunity for our owners that meets their needs.”

“The 831(b) process helped us to identify uninsured exposures and provided a funding mechanism for those exposures. This program has enabled us to create a profit center where there once was only unfunded uninsured risk.”

“Founded in 1925, our company has 33 global locations in 9 countries. 20+ operations in the United States, and a worldwide workforce of more than 3,800 people. The company engineers, manufacturers, and distributes products for the automotive and power utility marketplaces.

Our company joined the Captive in 2000 and has seen growth in its operation, more than tripling since joining the program, as well as growth of the Captive, nearly a five-fold increase. The growth in the Captive has been well managed through member selection that fits the Captive profile, as well as excellent claims management through Gallagher Bassett.

Additional services and partnerships provided by the Captive have helped control costs. Loss control services and workshops have provided our company with best practices and expert knowledge that might not have been obtained otherwise. The closing of policy years has reduced exposure to ongoing claims management. We are pleased to be a member.”

“Participation has refocused our company’s overall attitude towards Wellness. Through the sharing of ideas, learnings from our partners and working together we are improving the health of our employees and their families. Our Captive is helping our company make healthcare a positive employee benefit once again.”

“Upon joining the Churchill captive, our company experienced an almost immediate advantage. There is great benefit in networking with the companies across Churchill all who make safety and loss control a top priority. Additionally, the captive’s disciplined investment approach has helped keep the cost of our company’s total cost of risk lower. We look forward to many fruitful years to come with the captive.”

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