Synopsis of Value Added Services

Risk Control Workshops

  • Held every 6 months (March and September).
  • Appropriate for all personnel. Owners and upper management are encouraged to attend.
  • Hosted in accessible travel cities throughout the nation.
  • 2-day agenda includes first-time attendee orientation/reception, educational breakout sessions, and keynote speaker.
  • Presentations by specialists, service providers, fellow members and product/service vendors.
  • Concurrent education tracks for loss prevention and claims management.
  • Agenda and registration announcement sent via e-mail 60-90 days prior to workshop.

Risk Control Webinars

  • Held third Tuesday of each month at 10AM and 3PM Central Time.
  • May register for all 12 months instantaneously.
  • An array of topics for safety, loss prevention, claims management and more.
  • Session recording web links are available for current and prior years.
  • Topics and registration announcement for each year is sent via e-mail in December prior.

Group Purchasing Programs

  • Products and services that can enhance captive members’ loss control program.
  • For most vendors, captive member discount is available.
  • Most participants have been referred by captive members.
  • To qualify:
    1. GPP vendors must offer a unique risk control related product or service.
    2. GPP vendors must currently be utilized by CRI-affiliated captive members.

National Safety Council (NSC)

  • Each captive member is provided an annual NSC membership.
  • Each member may login at the NSC website,
  • A primary NSC contact is determined for each captive member.
  • An array of discounted services available including: training, webinars, publications, and more.
  • Reduced cost to attend the annual NSC Congress & Expo.


  • Telephonic Nurse Triage service provided by Gallagher Bassett TPA.
  • Injured claimant speaks to nurse first; medical attention evaluated and directed.
  • Each call is $90. If claim not set up, fee billed direct to member; otherwise billed to claim file.
  • If claimant can self-treat, keeps injury off WC history, and possibly OSHA log.
  • Reports go directly into RisxFacs for members to view.


  • Partner of Gallagher Bassett TPA to help get injured employees back to work.
  • Can place injured workers in volunteer positions at most restricted levels.
  • Flat fee charged to claim file, employer continues salary rather than WC benefits.
  • Available immediately on as requested basis.

Gallagher Bassett (GB) Loss Control Training Platform

  • Over 100 training modules available to train employees anywhere there is a computer.
  • Includes safety and human resources training modules.
  • Bi-monthly bulletins on Safety and Health and Employment Practices Liability topics.
  • Any member can use system by registering with GB; no limit on users within same company.
  • More modules added regularly and on request: member specific customization available.
  • Annual fee for member registration is $520 per company, which can be paid using allocation.

National Safety Council Barometer

  • Employee perception survey.
  • Measurement tool to evaluate company’s safety culture and performance.
  • Capture overall health of your safety management system.
  • Automatically generates a prioritized safety improvement plan.
  • Results provided include reports, graphs and action planning steps.
  • Motivate your organization to find gaps, action plans and make changes.
  • Increases employee engagement and improves morale.
  • Discounted cost for basic service is approximately $2,000 to conduct and evaluate the surveys.

Gallagher Bassett (GB) Risk Con System

  • Electronic tracking of loss control consultant hours.
  • Members can review loss control reports online.
  • Members can monitor remaining loss control hours and allocations online.
  • Archive for Risk Control Assessments (RCAs) and loss control reports.

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