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Captive Insurance could change the way you view insurance.

Turn your insurance into an asset.

Traditional insurance is not good enough. It’s based on outdated models that favor the insurance company. Get paid for investing in a great safety culture and take ownership of your insurance program while converting premiums into earnings.

With complete transparency, our goal is to maximize the profits you will receive.

Yes, you saw that right – converting insurance premiums into earnings. You can turn a cost into a profit center – with group, owner-controlled captive insurance.

Why Alternative Risk Resources?

  • We are the Captive Specialists – since 1996, our dedicated focus has been Captive Insurance. The concept of Captive Insurance may be new to you, but it is not new to us. It’s all we do!
  • We give you access to best-in-class captives.
  • Not only do we applaud your commitment, you are rewarded for it.
  • Exceptional Financial History

You get expert advice from dedicated professionals who have focused solely on Captive Insurance since 1996. We deal with the highest-rated Captives in the world. What does that mean to you?

In order to protect our clients, we are very particular when we select companies to join our captives. The result – our clients are safer and make money.

How can Alternative Risk Resources serve you?

Captive insurance uses a very different language than traditional insurance. You need a trusted advisor who is fluent in the language to help you understand every nuance and subtle difference completely.

Since we have dealt exclusively with captives for 25 years, we can guide you to the best outcome, and nothing gets lost in translation.

How can you turn your insurance into a “WOW”?

The answer is Captive Insurance – your opportunity to control ever fluctuating insurance costs.

Captive Insurance is:

  • Transparent
  • Predictable
  • In Your Control

With Captive Insurance, you can change the entire dynamics of how you buy insurance. Instead of your insurance owning you, you OWN and CONTROL it.

You become an Empowered Owner!

What is a captive?

A captive is an insurance company that is owned and controlled by its member-owners. A traditional insurance premium is an expense. The captive is an investment.

Why consider a Captive through Alternative Risk Resources?

You receive more advantages as a member of one of our group captives than you will from any other source, including:

  • The premiums are based on your performance
  • Unused premiums are returned as profit
  • Complete transparency of all costs
  • World Class Service Providers
  • Fortune 500 buying power
  • You gain predictability and control of your insurance
  • Proactive loss control and claims management
  • Clearly defined exit strategy
  • Ongoing member/owner education
  • Network with other captive members
  • Safety training and programs for improvement

In 2017, two of our Captives added value in real dollars to members:


Dividends Paid: $20.9 million

Stockholders’ Equity: $147 million

Total Assets: $314 million


Dividends Paid: $4.9 million

Stockholders’ Equity: $55 million

Total Assets: $114.8 million

Now that’s security. You will get that and more with Alternative Risk Resources. And, you will know exactly how we get paid. The economic benefit once realized by your insurance provider now becomes yours.

Focus, Control, Experience, Expertise, Transparency, Security, Safety . . . add them all together and you get a WOW!

Your premiums are based on your performance, not your industry’s performance as a whole. Safety is important to you. You have made it part of your culture. Not only do we applaud your commitment, we will reward you for it. You place a premium on safety. We will pay your for it.

When is the last time you made a profit on your insurance premiums?

We welcome your questions. The more you know, the more you will want the benefits of Captive Insurance from Alternative Risk Resources.

“With an emphasis on risk control and cost containment, the Captive has given us the tools to shape our loss experience. The networking and educational opportunities are extremely helpful, and the loss control inspections enhance the safety of our associates and the millions of guests who walk through the doors of our hotels and movie theaters every year. The tail fund allows us to close our books on a particular policy year after only 5 years. As a publicly traded company with financial reporting requirements, the finality provided by the tail fund is particularly attractive.

Our experience with the Captive, its vendors and the other members, has been first-rate.”

Find out if you qualify. Just answer two simple questions.*

Take control of your insurance . . . and get paid for it.


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