Medical Stop Loss Captive Insurance Program

Contact Captive Brokers NowMedical Doctor Holding Bank Medical Stop Loss CaptiveControl the rising costs of healthcare with a medical stop loss captive program.

Captive Health Insurance Stop Loss Turns Fixed Costs to Variable Costs

Partially self-funded health insurance plans are an attractive alternative for many businesses. What most companies do not know, though, is captive insurance can turn their current fixed costs into partially-recoverable variable costs. 

Entering a medical captive allows businesses to control the ever-rising costs of healthcare while remaining self-insured. If your business experiences fewer or no medical claims in an insurance year, you will recover some of your captive’s insurance premiums.

Alternative Risk Resources offers access to both specific and aggregate stop loss protection for captive members. The specific stop loss captive program potentially pays dividends to its owner members. Your business health insurance can add to your company’s profits by returning unused stop loss insurance premiums to your bottom line.

Your current self-insured health insurance plan can be assimilated or redesigned when Alternative Risk Resources places you in a stop loss captive. The stop loss limit is completely customizable to your business’ needs, making sure you receive adequate coverage. Captives surpass traditional insurance options in terms of both flexibility and profit potential.

Turn your stop loss insurance fixed costs into partially recoverable, variable costs and boost the finances of your company.

Alternative Risk Resources’ brokers will find the stop loss captive insurance program to keep your medical insurance costs under control while stabilizing risk.

Medical Stop Loss Captive Insurance Protects You from Catastrophic Loss and Maintains Profit Potential

Doctors in hospital covered by medical stop loss captive insurance Medical stop loss captives decrease uncertainty, turning fixed costs into partially recoverable variable costs.

Introducing a partially self-funded insurance plan involves a fair amount of uncertainty. Employers open themselves up to potential loss by absorbing their own risk. Proper and accurate risk management becomes a very high priority and stop loss insurance is a common way to mitigate catastrophic risks.

Businesses decrease their uncertainty by reinsuring in a medical stop loss captive plan.

Entering into a medical stop loss captive and pooling risk with other member companies lessens the hit of an expensive individual claim like traditional stop loss insurance. Unlike traditional insurance, captive stop loss programs can return unused premiums and pay dividends.

Captive stop loss policies turn fixed costs into profitable, partially recoverable expenditures.

Health insurance costs show no sign of decreasing. Protect your self-insured program while increasing profits and decreasing costs. The brokers at Alternative Risk Resources can guide you to the medical stop loss captive insurance plan right for your business.

Contact the medical stop loss captive insurance brokers at Alternative Risk Resources and turn self-insured medical plans into dividend paying investments.
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