Group Captive Insurance

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Group captives cover property risks
Group captive insurance promotes safety culture and helps create a new profit center for your company.

Spreading Risk between Multiple Companies Alleviates Risk

Group captive insurance companies pool risks like any other insurance policy, but only among other companies in the captive. Group captives offer midsize and larger companies coverage for worker’s compensation, umbrella policies, commercial auto, casualty and property insurance.

More Control Over How You Pool Risk

Entering into a third party insurance arrangement pools your risk into companies you may be unfamiliar with. Group captive insurance plans allow you to work only with companies with a strong safety culture and favorable loss profile.

Group captive insurance allows you more control over your risk management program, giving you more financial security and the potential to create a new profit center for your business.

Types of Group Captives

Homogenous Group Captives

Homogeneous group captive plans are formed by companies in the same or similar industry. Think trucking, general contracting and staffing industries. Some companies believe by pooling similar insurable risks among many companies in a single industry, catastrophic loss is better protected and the potential for profit is higher.

Heterogeneous Group Captives

Group captive plans of the heterogeneous variety pool the risk of several companies in unrelated industries. The idea here is that a single, shared catastrophic loss among companies in a homogeneous captive would use up most, if not all of the premiums, because each individual company would be claiming on the same loss.

Heterogeneous group captives diversify risk among several different industries, so if a single company experiences a large loss, the rest of the companies who do not experience a similar loss, are able to help pick up the bill.


Group Captive Insurance Solutions

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Group Captive Insurance Brokers Provide Risk Management Solutions

Whether you’re looking to set up a homogeneous or heterogeneous group captive plan, the captive brokers at Alternative Risk Resources help you appropriately assess the risk management needs of your company and set up your own captive insurance company.

Learn more details about how captive insurance works.

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