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As one of the top captive brokers in the country, Alternative Risk Resources can provide you access to World Class owner controlled group captive programs with proven financial results.

Our Focus: Lowering Your Insurance Costs

More than 15 years ago, the principals of Alternative Risk Resources made a commitment to helping companies meet the challenge of unpredictable insurance costs. We are a full-service commercial insurance brokerage firm that specializes in captive insurance. As captive specialists, we provide long-term solutions that deliver financial predictability and control, while lowering premium costs. We do this by offering access to some of the finest member-owned group captives in the world.

Our Expertise: Your Success

Our principals have over 55 years of captive insurance experience. This expertise allows us to personalize our services and provide captive programs that deliver the greatest financial benefit to our clients. We offer complete transparency with proven financial results equating into your success.

Our Clients: Our Partners

We have long-term relationships with companies throughout the United States across a wide range of industries – from manufacturers to distributors to contractors. We work diligently for our clients, building trust and working as partners, committed to transparency and accountability in everything we do.

"With an emphasis on risk control and cost containment the Captive has given us the tools to shape our loss experience.  The networking and educational opportunities are extremely helpful and the loss control inspections enhance the safety of our associates and the millions of guests who walk t..."

Tom Kissinger

Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary
The Marcus Corporation

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Captive Insurance Company

Captive Insurance Brokers Convert Premiums into Earnings

Captive insurance is a smarter risk management solution, allowing businesses to control the ever-changing and unpredictable costs imposed by the profit model of traditional insurance providers.

Don't let your good experience subsidize your competition.

Alternative Risk Resources is an independent captive consultant with access to over 25 group captive programs. As one of the top captive brokers in the country, Alternative Risk Resources enables companies across the United States to connect with captives thereby lowering expenses while making the traditional costs of Liability and Workers' Compensation insurance predictable and controllable.

Captives reduce upfront premium expenses while returning underwriting profits and investment income directly to the owner/members.

TAKE ACTION NOW if you'd like to...

  1.   Take complete control of your insurance operations
  2.   Foster a greater safety culture
  3.   Convert premiums into earnings!
831(b) Micro Captive Program Information Start Your Own Captive Insurance Company How Captive Insurance Programs Work
Office Building Protected by Property Captive Insurance

Learn the definition of captive insurance and how implementing a captive plan works for YOUR business.

 What is Captive Insurance? - A Definition

Captive insurance is an independent insurance company owned and controlled by its members. The captive insures risks of its owners/members by covering predictable losses and transferring away catastrophic, unpredictable losses.

For example, if Acme Industries, Alpha Brands and American Corporation form a captive insurance company called AAA Insurance Company, AAA is just like any other business insurer, except the only companies it covers are Acme, Alpha and American.

This benefits all three companies in two ways:

  1.   It gives them a level of control over their insurance the traditional market does not provide
  2.   It offers them access to the money generated by AAA’s investments.

What We Do for YOU

Alternative Risk Resources’ brokers match your firm with an already formed captive insurance company. If your business’s risk profile is acceptable to Acme, Alpha and American, they can let you become a part owner of AAA, be insured by it and share in the income it generates.

Got questions? We've got answers. Check out our FAQ's or contact us now to schedule an appointment with a professional captive insurance broker.

Explaining Basic Captive Insurance Concepts and Applications

Group Captive Insurance Program Plan

Group Captive Insurance

Group captive insurance is beneficial for companies seeking to control their ever fluctuating/increasing insurance costs. Alternative Risk Resources services captive programs for a large variety of industries from contracting to manufacturing and distribution to food and hospitality.

Captive insurance costs are lower because premiums are based on a member’s individual loss experience which insulates companies from traditional pricing fluctuations.

Other qualities taken into consideration for qualification in a captive include:

  • Long-term financial strength and stability
  • Solid commitment to safety and loss prevention
  • Better than average loss experience in your industry
  • Casualty premiums ranging from $100,000 to over $6,000,000

Speak with our experienced professionals about how captive insurance companies work, and we'll outline how revamping your current organizational structure can help you turn a larger annual profit, and foster and greater safety culture. Read more -->

Benefits of Forming a Captive Insurance Company

Captive Insurance Company Benefits

Setting up a group captive insurance company means more than simply absorbing your own risk. Self-insurance is not unique to any single business. Every business is already insuring themselves with their own profits. Instead of keeping taxable savings, pay a regular premium for your own supplemental insurance plan and increase the security of your company's financial future. All the while increasing investment income.

Benefits of participating in a captive program include:

  • Lowest operating costs in the insurance industry
  • Premiums based on individual loss experience – NOT market rates or conditions
  • Proactive loss control and claims management – Claims reductions equals premium reduction
  • Complete transparency of all costs
  • Clearly defined and implemented exit strategy
  • Ongoing member/owner education
  • World class service providers and underwriting

Learn more about the pros of captive insurance. Schedule a free consultation with our captive insurance brokers for more detailed information on why captive insurance is or isn't right for you. Read more -->

831b Micro Captive Insurance Information

All About 831(b) Micro Captives

Whether you like it or not, your company is in the insurance business. Unfunded and underfunded risks are insured by your corporate bank account. Many businesses are unaware of their unfunded risks or are unable to afford coverage for certain risks.

The 831(b) election allows companies to form a private captive to provide coverage while potentially monetizing these risks. Forming its own captive insurance company under the 831(b) election, businesses can pay up to $2.2 million in tax-deductible premiums annually to their captive and cover otherwise unfunded risks.

Long-term underwriting profits from your 831(b) captive turn previously unfunded risks into a profit center.

Alternative Risk Resources works one-on-one to understand your company’s specific insurance needs in order to identify the right captive for your business. We understand better than anyone how micro captives stack up against common types of insurance and investments, and know how to implement it for your specific company and industry to maximize your revenue. Read more -->

Captive Insurance Solutions

Property Captive Insurance

Alternative Risk Resources sets up a property captive policy enabling you to share in underwriting investment profits. Read more

Casualty Captive Insurance

Casualty insurance premiums are determined largely by market conditions. Make yourself resistant to volatile market changes. Become the beneficiary of your own safe practices with casualty captive insurance. Read more

Medical Stop Loss Captive

Remain self-insured and fight the constantly rising cost of healthcare. A medical stop-loss captive insurance plan helps you recover some of your captive's insurance premiums. Read more

831(b) Captive Insurance

Every risk you haven't covered is self-insured. Protect yourself against irregular insurable risks by setting up an 831(b) captive insurance company, and turn risks into profit. Read more

Captive Insurance Program InformationGain Control, Stability and Profit Potential

Alternative Risk Resources provides direct access to the premier group captives of the world. No other insurance program can provide such efficiencies with long-term, proven results. With the ability to directly manage the insurance process through careful management of loss prevention and risk reduction, Alternative Risk Resources helps businesses take complete control of their insurance program.

Contact captive insurance brokers at Alternative Risk Resources to sign up for better, cost effective insurance for your business.
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